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Raised money in a private placement?

Did you offer and sell any security, including but not limited to stock, notes and warrants, not involving a public offering either through a registered broker or directly?  Even though private offerings are not subject to the registration statement requirements under the 1933 Act, there are certain steps that issuers need to complete within 15 days of sale to comply with the law. While you are celebrating your closing we can help you to comply with the Federal and State laws. This is what we will do for you:


Federal Level – 15 days to comply

  • Initial Filings – we will file Form D as required by the federal law
  • Amendment Filings – we will file an amendment to Form D to reflect a material change or error
  • Renewal Filings – we will file a renewal notice before Form D expires, if the offering continues for more then one year

State Level – 15 days to comply

  • Exemption Analysis – we will search the state law to find states where no filings are required.
  • Initial Filings – we will calculate initial state filing fees and make initial filings
  • Amendments – we will determine whether an amendment is required if you made additional sales in other or same states
  • End of Offering – we will make the end of offering filings with the states that require it
  • Renewals – we will file renewal notices with your chosen states after your annual renewal of From D

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