Public Offerings

Here at Blue Sky Filings, our team of expert attorneys, former examiners and compliance officers take care of the burdensome blue sky fling paper work necessary to keep you and your investment business compliant with both federal and state law. We can take care of initial filings, renewal filings, and maintenance of the exemptions and registrations for the securities, stocks and investments that you work with. We also provide accurate and easily digestible sales reports and offer sales tracking and monitor registered amounts. Our services take care of the filing at both the state and federal level, saving you the time and stressof doing it yourself.


We offer comprehensive analysis of your offering to identify which filings and/or exemptions are needed on a state by state basis. We take care of all of your state-related communications and coordinate the submission of the required documentation for concurrent state registration. Our blue sky filing services enable you to improve the marketability and potential trading volume of your public offering. You want to make your offering available to a wide variety of investors, and being compliant with blue sky regulations is one hoop you’ll need to jump through. Many of the larger national brokerages will not trade in securities or other offerings that have not been through the blue sky filings process.


Our services cover a wide range of public offerings, including:

  • Common stock
  • Preferred stock
  • REITs
  • Commodity Pools
  • Employee Benefit Plans
  • Distressed Debt


When you are working on public offerings, there are many moving parts that must be coordinated and resolved at certain milestones throughout the project. We can take the hassle out of ensuring the correct registrations and exemptions are filed.


Your talent lies in offering investment advice and opportunities to brokers and their clients, helping them to amass wealth. Our talent lies in the minutiae of regulatory compliance. The team at Blue Sky Filings offers services that allow you to spend your valuable time on other important aspects of your investment business.


We speak your language and understand your needs.Please feel free to email for more information, or call us at (844) 723-4537 to speak with one of our Blue-Sky specialists.

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